Home is a blank canvas, it is here, that we need our zen. We want to create a space which defines us as a family. To create a space that epitomizes you is our constant endeavour at PurpleSpace. To strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality is the greatest triumph of a designer as in today's age a space must work harder and multi task.

Colour play

Colours are the main stay of every home. Its what breathes life and effervescence into a space, almost like magic. One has to tread carefully, when working with colours. colour and light are partners and need to complement each other. For red can go every where from happy and cherry to angry. So instead of using solid red, we use varying intensities which lead to an evolved, effortless look. Red is a stimulating colour. It grabs attention on the wall, becomes a defining element of a space.


Mixed metal, grey, blue and pops of colour in neutral designs, there is so much going on! Epoxy for flooring, etching in mother of pearl.. Grandeur is all around. Combining glass and stone with metal brings out interesting results. Items often discarded could be recycled and stacked together to create a stunning effect. How about empty bottles embedded in a bar counter! Fun



Welcome to PurpleSpace

A home is where we spread cheer, spend time with our loved ones and also indulge in a lot of house hold chores . Functionality is our focal point. We at purple space strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. We envisage a space for you that oozes of a cosy, relaxed and a cheery vibe. Its your personality that comes first, your house shall epitomizes you. When ever we begin any project, we put together a document with the clients like their preferences and wish lists. Get the basics sorted and then follow that up with accessorization. A project usually begins with the last end first. As : The electrical schemes first and then we follow the sequence. There is a need to tactfully use a diverse material palette subtly demarcating various spaces for a well appointed room. Its also essential to not to always play safe with design but a bit of chaos in perfect proportions and lot of accessorization on a clear base would be very novel. We would like to keep the interior palette neutral and then play on it with different accessories.



Meet our clients

Shravan Kumar, Fashion Designer

Being a creative person, they made the design process very simple as they are a lot into planning before execution. They first understood mine and my team's requirements and brought in our team's culture into the design of our studio. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them as they are a lot of fun and are crazy!

Harsha Avisetty ,VP- Sales

It was a pleasure working with them as they first understood my requirements, likes and dislikes and they executed it with in a specified budget. They try to provide cost effective solutions, so that one does not have to unnecessarily spend too much. Most importantly, I got my place well with in the deadline!

Jyothi Jay, Fashion Designer

For me, I loved their creativity, the use of different material palettes , interesting ways of playing around with colours. When we want to do up our house, we are very anxious as its not just a house but our identity, our pride. They were very sensitive to my feelings . I feel my house shows up my personality and a sense of strong belongingness!!

Dheeraj Gona , Business

I wanted a ready to move in home with out much fuss. I gave them a short brief due to my busy schedule. I was pleasantly surprised, when they surpassed my expectations. They are very approachable and friendly. The best part is they would follow up with me, so as to ensure that they are well with in the deadline.They are also open to suggestions, which I appreciate very much.