About Us

Who We Are & Where We Are Specialised

At PurpleSpace, we want you to be a proud owner of your beautiful home that you can identify with. Our team follows a simple structured principle, nothing but the best will work. Clients become friends as unless we know each other's personalities, we cannot deliver a home that epitomizes you. The idea is to enjoy the process of designing starting with a blank canvas.

A lot of work is undertaken before the execution of the project starts. From understanding your requirements, budgets , we start to work on a concept, so that from a cushion to your wall to your storage space, every little piece beautifully blends in. We believe that planning accounts to 80% of work, then execution is more predictable and thus easy . We are also very particular about the deadline. All our projects have always been well within the deadline. We take end to end execution work as its not only length, breadth, height and depth are the dimensions that create a confined space but light is another dimension that can alter the other. We are not into mere storage solutions but a home that you can identify with. A lot of home work with a lot of discipline pays back. Come work with us , be our friends, you will enjoy every bit of the design process!!
vIn today's age, a space must work harder and multi task. There is a need to tactfully use diverse material palette to subtly demarcate various spaces for a well appointed room and to seamlessly integrate the three planes - floor, wall and the ceiling.

A balance between aesthetics and functionality define the basics of design. Its important for the home owner to identify with his place as its where he returns after a long hard day!! Our team at purple space strives to bring in his personality into his home.

A a lot of times design is intuitive .Colours are the mainstay of every home. Its what breathes life and effervescence into the space, almost like magic. The distribution of natural light will need to blend well with the colour. They are partners and when judiciously used, will compliment each other!!

0ur clients cannot wait to call their friends, once the project is ready!!